Engineered for Superior Oral Health

A missing tooth or two never hurt anyone, right? Wrong. Missing teeth wreak havoc on your mouth. They’re not only unsightly and embarrassing, they also put your healthy teeth at risk for damage. You see, your mouth is like a carefully calibrated machine. When you chew, your teeth distribute the forces in a way that protect your teeth, gums, and jaws. When you’re missing a tooth or teeth, forces concentrate in odd places, damaging teeth, injuring bones and muscles, and causing pain. A well-designed bridge doesn’t just fill the gap and improve appearances. It also redistributes the force of your bite to prevent future pain and damage.

Years of Experience & Caring Design

Dr. Teresa Salem wants her patients to have healthy mouths and jaws for years to come. Her experience allows her to create bridges that look beautiful and function well, redistributing forces to protect mouths and improve health.  Our Holbrook dentist’s office uses bridges carefully crafted from modern ceramics. You’ll find that these materials are durable, natural looking, and easy to maintain. Once you’ve received your bridge, you’ll be able to floss, brush, speak and eat normally. Your smile will be complete, and you won’t have to live with the pain and shame of missing teeth.

Placing a Bridge

A bridge consists of two crowns that support one or more prosthetic teeth between them. To place a bridge, Dr. Salem must first prepare the healthy teeth on either side of the gap to receive their crowns. The crowns, and the prosthetic teeth they support, will match your other teeth.

Patients choose bridges because they’re an economical way to restore functionality and improve appearances. A well-designed bridge can last over a decade if the patient practices good oral hygiene.

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