Correct a Variety of Alignment Issues

Dr. Teresa Salem understands that orthodontia can be embarrassing and that many of our patients want an in-office solution to their dental alignment issues. She’s received training in both Invisalign® and Six Month Smiles® so that she can give her patients the treatment they need in the familiar comfort of our Holbrook, MA dental office.

If you have mild alignment and bite issues and want a subtle, nearly-invisible solution, call (781) 995-3334 to schedule a consultation where you can decide which teeth-straightening system best fits your needs.

The Invisalign® System

Dr. Salem uses Invisalign® to correct mild to moderate issues with tooth alignment, spacing, and bite. The system is not ideal for correcting severe bite issues, for rotating teeth, or for moving teeth along a vertical axis. However, people who qualify for Invisalign® treatment find it superior to traditional braces because the trays are clear, can be changed out at home, can be removed at meals and for brushing, and are safer for people involved in contact sports.

The Six Month Smiles® System

Six Month Smiles® is designed to correct cosmetic issues with your front teeth. It can’t correct bite issues, but is a good choice for people who want to straighten and reposition their front teeth. Six Month Smiles® uses tooth-colored wires and clear brackets to move teeth. The system is subtle and most people you meet won’t realize that you’re straightening your teeth.  Treatments take between four and nine months, depending on the initial position of your teeth and your goals for treatment.

Choosing the Right System

To help you choose the right system, Dr. Salem will need to examine your teeth, talk with you about your goals for treatment, and discuss the procedures with you. Your personal goals and habits may affect which system is right for you. For instance, an absent-minded person who frequently loses things may do better with the Six Month Smiles® system, since Invisalign® must be removed for eating, drinking, and cleaning.  Meanwhile, someone who doesn’t want to change her eating and brushing habits, or who plays a contact sport, may feel more comfortable with Invisalign® than she would with Six Month Smiles®.

*Dr. Salem is a general dentist providing orthodontic services.